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All doors and window panels are custom designed and made to order. We do not carry doors and windows in stock, however we have a large selection of patterns and designs to choose from. Should you be interested in having a beautiful piece of stained glass created and inserted into your doors or window frames please contact us via email or press the contact us button on the webpage. It is important that you let us know what your preferences are (i.e. classical, modern, geometrical etc) and provide as much information and photos if possible. Measurements sent must be for the complete panel which must include the piece of glass underneath the beading or putty. We will then contact you to discuss the design and send through various selections for you to choose from. When you have chosen, we will then draft up the design to scale and send you an email with the picture attached. Once the final design and colour combinations are agreed upon and you are 100% happy and excited we will send through the final quotation.

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