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All mosaic creations are made with loving care and attention to detail. We have undertaken large commission work for murals and step risers which are shown on our portfolio. Please feel free to contact us should you have any requirements in this regard. We use mainly stained glass in our mosaics, however we like mosaics to have texture and therefore most of our mosaic work is multi-media. We are known as the glass people in town and around and often offer workshops in mosaic when time permits. Please watch the Facebook page for further updatess on available classes. We trust you will enjoy our mosaic journey and we look forward to sharing our creations with you.

Mosaics created for indoors are usually created on wooden substrates which have been sealed. Being glass people, our mosaics use both stained glass and fused glass to add texture and definition to our work. We also create glass on glass mosaics that uses a different glue which is transparent. This is especially lovely when it has a light behind it so that the true beauty and colour of the glass is translucent and charming.

Mosaics created for outdoors are usually created on a cement base of sorts and we use a different glue made for projects that can withstand the weather. Unfortunately wood and weather do not go too well together and should there be a request for a design on a wooden substrate for outdoor this would have to hang or be under cover on a patio or have similar protection.

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